Media, University of New South Wales

Media Uses (Sem 1, 2013)

Mobile Cultures (Sem 2, 2013)

Department of Linguistics, University of Sydney

SFL Postgraduate Masterclass ‘Computational tools’ (Semester 1, 2010)
The aim of this course is to acquire practical skills in using software applications for linguistic analysis. By the end of this course you will be able to:
• Transcribe an audio file with Transcriber
• Annotate texts files using UAM Corpus Tool
• Annotate images using UAM Corpus Tool
• Edit system networks in Inkscape
• Annotate video files using ELAN
• Do basic concordancing with Antconc

Electronic Discourse (Semester 2, 2009)
Virtual spaces afford semiotic communities whose members bond around different linguistic and multimodal phenomena such as text, image, audio and video. This unit considers the discourse semantics of online communication in these communities. Drawing on functional linguistics, students will interpret electronic discourse in a variety of modes, including websites, blogs, email discussion, instant messaging, YouTube and social networking websites (including dating services and Facebook).

Media Discourse (Semester 1, 2009)
"Sexy, healthy and 100% Australian-owned!" In this unit you will learn about discourse analytic approaches to media communication. The discourse of advertising and gender discourses in the media will form a special focus of the course. Furthermore, we will explore the politics of media discourses, the ways in which social identities are constructed in the media, differences between communication in various media (print, radio, TV, Internet), the rhetoric of persuasion and the discourses of popular culture. The framework for the course derives from functional linguistics and critical discourse analysis, as well as cultural studies.

Computer Applications in Linguistics (Semester 1, 2008)
This unit of study introduces students to the many uses of computers in the humanities with specific reference to linguistics: computer lexicography; building and searching text corpora, examining speech signals, collocations, style, authorship, discourse structure and syntactic constructions. Accessing information on languages and linguistics through library catalogues, electronic mailing lists, FTP sites and the World Wide Web. Other linguistics units (like phonetics, field methods, historical linguistics and semantics) will benefit from some basic knowledge of the use of computers.

School of Information Technologies, University of Sydney
IT systems in the Arts and Humanities (Semester 2, 2007)
This unit provides a conceptual overview of the key technological directions in Fine Arts, History, New Media, Literature, Politics, & Archaeology. It frames actual technological applications in a theoretical systems context, and builds an understanding of common technological approaches to systems solutions in the Arts and Humanities. Representational technologies such as New Media, Digital Streaming and Content Servers are explored. Concepts underlying Analytical systems and field technologies are also examined to build an understanding of their place in an overall systems context. The course elaborates this understanding through specific experience in web-based scripting, web services, relational database interfaces, XML technologies, and qualitative analysis tools.

PhD Students
Bandar Almutiari - Text Visualisation for Discourse Analysts, 2015

Yu Yang - Environmental Discourse on Twitter: Community, Negotiation and Affiliation. 2010

Masters Students

Bandar Almutiari – Visualising Sentiment/Appraisal Patterns in News Articles. 2010

Ariel  Spigelman  - The Intersubjectivity of Left and Right: A corpus-based, cross-cultural exploration of ideological variation in online political commentary. 2009

Honours Students

Heiki Santillana - A media discourse analysis of the early years of AIDS coverage in Australia, 2015

Angelica Tziotis - Smartphones, spaces, and the self: The use of social images in the resemiotisation of identity across physical and virtual spaces, 2014

Alexander Stanley – Shouting into the Ether (Investigating conversational structures in microblogging). 2010